NWA 13366: Martian Peridotitic Shergottite


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NWA 13366 is an incredibly rare Martian meteorite. Only four Peridotitic Shergottites are recognized, and NWA 13366 is one of them! Shergottites contain 0-15% olivine, but the Peridotitic Shergottites contain 50-60% olivine. NWA 13366 contains 60% olivine! Besides being extremely rare, Peridotitic Shergottites are important because they present additional evidence that the accretion of Mars did not produce a homogenous liquid mantle as occurred with the accretion of Earth. Instead, the Peridotitic Shergottites provide more evidence that the accretion of Mars produced a heterogeneous semi-liquid mantle with multiple zones containing many different mineral mixtures.

3.15 gram partial slice; 33mm x 27mm x1.5mm:  $2,475