Meteor or Meteorite?

It’s an amazing sight to watch a meteor blaze through a dark night sky. If we’re lucky, some meteors will survive and fall to Earth as meteorites. So what is a meteorite? What you see in the sky is called a meteor. If it survives it’s passage through the Earth’s atmosphere and lands on the ground it’s called a meteorite. Most meteorites started their journey to Earth in the asteroid belt although some are from the Moon, Mars, and maybe even comets.

Most people are familiar with iron meteorites but there are also stone meteorites and stony iron meteorites. Iron meteorites are those made of nickel-iron. These may represent the material from the core of a large body or several bodies in space. Stone meteorites can have small spherical structures called chondrules and are called chondrites. Or they may be free of chondrules and are then called achondrites. Carbonaceous chondrites make up a small percentage of all stony meteorites and can contain carbon in the form of organic compounds.

You may not be able to travel through space yourself, but you can own your very own space traveler, a space rock, a meteorite you can hold and study in your very own hands.

The purpose of this site is to help educate you about meteorites and meteorite identification to connect you with reputable meteorite dealers so that when you buy meteorites for sale you will have the comfort of knowing you have a genuine meteorite from outer space.

September 26, 2011 12:13 pm

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