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NWA 12630: Lunar Feldspathic Breccia

NWA 12630 is an absolutely spectacular Moon rock! It is also an unusual lunar breccia because most of the clasts it displays contain only a single mineral. The absence of multiple breccias within this breccia suggests it was ejected from deep in the surface regolith. With only the naked eye, more than a dozen 1-3mm white and gray anorthosite clasts, plus more than a dozen 1-2mm black orthopyroxene clasts are easily visible. With a simple magnifying glass, many dozens of smaller clasts containing these same minerals are seen, plus dozens of smaller yellowish brown olivine clasts. One face of this specimen has been beautifully polished, while its other face remains completely natural. 1.82 gram partial slice; $540
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Do you think you have found a meteorite?

Having a number of  meteorite websites guarantees that we get a constant barrage of emails from people who thing they've found a meteorite.  We can count on one hand the number of actual meteorites from all the inquiries we've had since we started our website in 1996.  The vast majority of people make their assumption without trying to learn anything about meteorites. So if you've found a strange rock that you think might be a meteorite, your first step is to get information about meteorites.  A very informative article that talks about what is a meteorite will help you not only learn about meteorites, but how to identify them as well. Meteorite Identification and Found a Meteorite Links http://meteorit…
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Meteor or Meteorite?

It's an amazing sight to watch a meteor blaze through a dark night sky. If we're lucky, some meteors will survive and fall to Earth as meteorites. So what is a meteorite? What you see in the sky is called a meteor. If it survives it's passage through the Earth's atmosphere and lands on the ground it's called a meteorite (more…)
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